Friday, 13 November 2009

Gambling with an old woman

Once an old woman with a bag walked into the bank and said she wanted to deposit her three million money. The clerk at the counter saw it was quite a huge sum of money. So an old woman was directly sent to the manager. The Manager instantly grew suspicious and asked an old women,

“Oh! grandma from where do you bring this huge sum of money”.

“I won a gambling”, she answered nonchalantly.

“So, what is that, you gamble”

“It’s nothing uncommon”, said an old woman as she drew her bag closer to her, “so wanna know young man? We can have one if you wish. I bet you one lakh, tomorrow morning before nine o’clock in the morning your testes will change the shape into square”.

The manager cannot help out a laugh,” hahaha…you must be joking”.

“No I mean it. Don’t you see Grandma has an amount of three million?” she said opening the bag she brought and made the manager to have it a glance. The Manager thought there could be no way his testes would turn into square, so he gladly accepted the bet. They made an appointment to meet the very next day at the same place at 9 o’clock sharp.

Almost Throughout the night he couldn’t sleep well as he checked his testes time and again. The next day he woke up and fumbled for the last time to see if his testes are still oval in shape. He smiled as he went to the office anticipating the victory.

The old woman, this time, has come with one another man. The Manager asked,”good morning, grandma. Who is that with you today”. “oh…he ‘s a lawyer, grandma has lots of money, so I brought him with me”, she answered.

“Whatever! old woman, I’m sorry I think you lost the bet”, He said as he pulled down his trousers and called her to check it out herself. So she walked up and felt the testes, “ah… of course it is still in oval shape, grandma is lost”, she admitted but without the twinge of loss in her accent. At that moment the manager saw that the lawyer was banging his head heavily on the wall in his office. So he said, “ you see grandma, what’s your lawyer doing?”.

“Oh! That”, she said, “I think it’s because he lost the bet too. I said I would fumble the testes of the Bank Manager in his office. He wouldn’t believe me so I bet him two lakhs for this………”

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