Friday, 13 November 2009

love in dreams

I’m in love with a girl. In fact I was in love ever since I saw her. But It wasn’t until I realized that the joy of beauty last forever. John Keats couldn’t have said anything truer. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. She has one of those glistening brown eyes whose glance makes my heart stop beating for a while. Her nose is perfectly curved and underneath is her little rosebud mouth almost revealing her glistening white teeth. She has this same sweet smile all the time. Probably she is not capable of crying, of being sad or of being angry. As she speaks, her voice is filled with music. But ah! It is her heart-so soft and gentle that makes me close my eyes and do nothing but think of her.

This is lovely evening in the woods. For rose is sign of love, I find the most beautiful rose in this world, kneel in front of her and whisper, “I love you so much.” She smiles, takes the rose with one hand and gives me her other hand. I take her hand in mine as I gently draw her towards me, our face almost touching. I draw her closer. She blushes as I touch her crimson lips with mine. I kiss her, touch her, caress her and let myself float into the world I’ve never been.

But alas! This is just a dream and no love is as sweet as in dream. I just want to hold her tight in my arms and never let go. But it would mean a dream come true. A dream becoming reality. And Realities are not always sweet as in dreams. Often, realities are harsh and brutal. And I don’t want this to happen to her. Perhaps she must be a bird made to fly about freely in the sky, bringing joy to everyone who sees her. I simply cannot cage her just because I need her and that I’m selfish. So I’ll let her fly across the vast blue sky in perfect harmony and anybody who sees her pass by would say, “Here goes an angel.”

Someday, as she flies over the far-off cities, someone would lay a trap and she would be caged forever. I won’t regret it for I’ll be losing something I never possessed. At least I loved her and I let her go. After all, future will be all-together a different story-may be her version of “love in reality”.

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